Universal1972 invest in Innovation: Mazak 5 axes milling center

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For years, we expect a good time to renew our fleet and 2016 it seemed a good year to invest. We asked ourselves: what car we lack in order to be even more performance in machining? We have a cutter that Zayer 6 meters x 4 meters vertically and Correa portal with indexing cutter head 4 meters x 2 meters with a tolerance of a few hundredths. The rest are smaller work centers, which although functional to perform workings that are no longer able to do two things:

  1. milling in a short time
  2. mill the hard material that comes from a quenching

Over the years we are emerging more and more these two needs that is to replace the details in bronze with other steels that are hardened and then coated and polished to obtain deep drawing punches which are less prone to wear and to do this is necessary to have a  five axies CNC machine.

And of course to be able to shorten the time and lower its costs it is necessary to both reduce paper (drawings, tables 2d) to save the time of construction and design and at the same time drastically reduce processing times that are 50-60% of the cost of a mold.

I am therefore pleased to announce that after a phase of very complex and evaluation, our choice fell on a milling center MAZAK i700 T

We are so proud and happy to share the joy of having invested in quality to enhance the efficiency of our production process and provide our customers an even better and more powerful product.



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