3 good reasons to create new brands

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How would you feel if your reference market grew excessively and the orders saturated your resources for 8 months? Exactly how we feel at this moment: happy because quality always pays off, busy keeping up with the vast amount of work in order not to cause any delivery delays, and above all full of energy!

The most common error in this case is to rest on your laurels and think that from now on it’s going to be all downhill. When companies such as NOKIA OR BLOCKBUSTER had the market in their hands and had power and money, instead of changing, they kept doing the same things they had been doing in the name of the old motto “a winning team must not be changed”… in the light of facts the motto could be rewritten this way: “a never changing team sooner or later fails“.

The same happens in nature. Think of dinosaurs, which once were the rulers of the earth due to their size but, not being particularly flexible, with the first glaciation,  extinguished while all other smaller living beings were able to find their way to survive despite the hostile climate.

So here is the first and foremost important reason why we have chosen to invest time and money in the production of new items for the final consumer. The desire to diversify production to be flexible!


The market of dies has a curve trend like many other business sectors and large manufacturers of household appliances (our major customers) usually invest in new dies at least 2 or 3 years before the market rebounds, so as to be able to launch the product just in the year when the consumer has sufficient financial resources to purchase.

On the other hand, however, we consider that a great investment is followed by a barren spell in which you don’t invest so much in the construction of plants because the budget is reserved for the marketing of the product. That’s when consumers increase their investments in products. The curves never overlap and that’s why we thought it was a great idea to start building a product precisely for the final consumer: as long as there is business for dies we keep full production of them, and when the demand moves on to the other products, we start selling them and our production remains constant.  Consequently, we can also decide to have a part of the staff that is flexible and can be employed in the construction of the product while with our main know-how we develop new dies for our new products that will make us even more competitive.

To sum up: when dies go strong, products do not and vice versa! Flexibility will save the business!!

There’s a second great reason to invest in the market of products and create new brands also when you do great and it’s this:


This is the era of social networking where, through sharing, new ideas spread at the speed of light. Investments are reduced to a minimum because you no longer need to market with expensive magazine or TV ads where it’s impossible to estimate precisely who and when sees them. Now, with Fb, you can encourage the perfect target consumer to buy your product and spend only when your ad is clicked.

This is a heaven for Marketing, where the target consumers say what they want. We must exploit it now because we do not know what can happen later, given the speed at which things change. Everything could be different in a few years, the introduction of a restriction on the privacy law would be enough to immediately extinguish this opportunity.

We have therefore created 3 different brands, with three different websites, with three different marketing processes, with three different Facebook pages etc. etc…

  1. GRILIOO is a barbecue that does not create smoke, it is cleaned in 1 minute and cooks by itself. grilioo.com
    I am not sure if this product is of interest to you but if you like to eat healthy or grill meat or vegetables have a look
  2. DRAGONBOILES is a steamer to cook baits for carpfishing born out of Alessandro’s passion (my brother)  for fishing. As you may have understood, the target group is a niche one, a highly motivated group who is ready to spend when it finds the right idea! dragonboiles.com
  3. BRIDGESHOOT is a rib for target shooters, also used in Olympic shooting, another niche brand that reflects our determination to fully exploit the productive capacity of our machinery. bridgeshoot.com 

For each of these products we have produced a funnel of automatic customer acquisition and we can state that the impact on business management is minimal now, while we have optimized the industrial production.


The Italian entrepreneurship has always emphasized a fundamental aspect that makes us famous all over the world: creativity!

We are a family of creative persons, each one, with their own skills, has chosen a sector and gave their contribution. All these three products have in common the fact that they are innovations, things that did not exist before, not simply new objects similar to many others already existing. The desire to leave a mark in the market has always set us apart, since as far back as 1993 my father Armando  created the die-splitter machine that has created safety in the world of die operators and which more than 200 companies in the world use daily with a time saving of 80%. www.diesplitter.com

I conclude by saying that we have put the experience we gained in over 40 years at the service of the major world producers in the field of household appliance, but I am convinced that today anyone, following a personal passion, can develop a product starting from everyday needs and be able to put it on the market without spending a fortune.

If you, who are now reading this page, are a creative person and have invented a product, tell me your experience in the comments, I’ll be happy to read it.

In the next few articles I will give you further explanations about why our products are really special.


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