A great opportunity … Get the most out of it!

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Our little invention is no longer something new.

More than 200 companies worldwide are already using it every day.

The tool fitter mounts the dies and removes any burrs from the pieces.

The press operator reduces the maintenance time by 80%.

Both have invested in the safety of their staff.

As a matter of fact, those using our DIE-SPLITTER don’t even think about the money they save every day and are really happy with the bargain they have made!

That’s why, when you get used to working with such a machine, the past is over and you don’t think about it.

Except when you hear about an accident in another company. Or when you notice that the quality of your dies now is much better than before. Or when you exchange your old, still working Die-splitter for a new model.

Think about it!

Further information can be found here: www.universal1972.com

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