To have or not to have… TIME, this is the question!

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– Time and machines: which is the professional connection between these 2 elements?

Time is a mystery which all of us experience every day and at the opening of this interesting question I would like to quote from the latest book that I read by Carlo Rovelli on the subject of time:

“I stop and I do not do anything. Nothing happens. I do not think about anything. I listen to time passing by.

This is time. Familiar and intimate. Its delight leads us. The rush of seconds, hours, years throws us toward life, then it drags us toward the nothing … 

We live in it like fish live in water. Our being is being in time. 

The universe unravels its becoming dragged by time.”


Time is a very precious good also often used to define the ideal of wealth, in fact if you have a lot of money but little time you are not actually rich. From my point of view the rich are the ones who can choose to invest their time in something rewarding.

Within the company we can paraphrase this concept by saying that “it is rich that company whose employees use their time doing activities that create added value“. This means eliminating those activities that are repeated unnecessarily such as bureaucracies or stages where time is wasted like the opening and closing of a die. Especially during this stage it often occurs that the die gets stuck and to be able to open it might take even more than 30 minutes when two operators intervene on the die with hammer and levers. During this relentless passing of time, making actions that do not add any value to the work chain, then the overhead travelling crane makes things even worse since it stays busy and you cannot do other jobs, resulting in people waiting in queue.


And here is my answer to the initial question: Our die-splitter machines carry out the operation in 2 minutes with a single employee, thus leaving the overhead crane free. In general this rule saving time is for us a generating principle that is behind even in our dies where all changeovers are optimized and often the die does not even need to be removed from the machine. Also the new brands we have launched on the market were inspired by these principles, an example is above all GRILIOO, the first barbecue grill that cooks by itself allowing you to set a timer and turning the meat  automatically without ever having to touch it… so the cook can use his time to cook something else.

In short: the machines we build save time for the activities of our customers, so that they can invest their time where they think most appropriate.


– Why do you decide to concentrate your social campaign on the value of time?

Time is an underestimated good, it is not mentioned all that much unless when they say that “time is money”. But time is not only this, it is also life, joy, energy and a thousand other things. What better place to discuss this? The social networking allows us to cover long distances and to have pleasant chats with people on the other side of the world while lying comfortably on our chair. If it were up to me I would ask our government to grant families with children that at least one of the two spouses may have a part-time job with the contributions paid as if they worked full-time or companies that two part-time workers have the cost of one only. This would give all families a person who can dedicate their time to one of the values that for me are above all: the family and the people who you love.


– Which is the target of this campaign?

With this campaign we can show that even a small company like ours can deal with important social issues that have an impact on the chief systems. Each person can realize that whenever they invest time in doing what they love (instead of what they must) is building a better future for themselves and for the people around them.


– Your favourite quote about time?

I leave you with a provocation on the fact that time is sacred:

“O, gentlemen, the time of life is short …

and if we live, we live to tread on kings

W.Shakespeare, Henry IV

/ An interview by Giovanna Malfiori /

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