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If you are reading this article it is because your company produces tools or tools products for third parties and then uses the tools.

The die-splitter machine, invented in 1993 by Armando Caramaschi, owner of our company, is an equipment that simplifies the assembly and maintenance operations of the tools, reduces its time significantly and finally, last but not least, makes it safe 100% a manoeuvre that otherwise would have serious risks for the operator linked to heavy loads that are hung from chains and turned in the air.

Let’s see in detail the operation of the die-splitter:

  1. receives the tool on the lower base
  2. the lower motorized table takes the tool inside the machine
  3. the tool, aligned in position, is fixed to an upper table (the fixing can be manual by T-clamping or through permanent magnets)
  4. the upper table, moving on Rexroth ball bearing guides, runs up and divide the tool in two parts
  5. the lower part can return to the external position
  6. the top table rotates by 180 ° (or as much as you want)

At the end of this process, which can last only 2 or 3 minutes depending on the size of the machine and the type of clamping chosen, the tool is perfectly open with the two bases facing upwards and ready for assembly, maintenance or cleaning. (see image N4)

Before the invention of this machine, opening a tool was a very delicate operation that required the operator’s experience. 

Today we are faced with a changed working landscape, where young operators have to open and rotate tools of increasingly important dimensions.

Often these are equipment that are the result of very expensive investments and that could be compromised by a careless manoeuvre, without even thinking about what would happen if a chain breaks and the tool ended up on the operator. This scenario that looks like a movie instead has sadly repeated itself, as often read in the newspapers.

Fortunately, safety has now become an imperative and more and more companies all over the world are dedicating a budget to secure their department, tools and above all to prevent any accidents at work.

Those managers who have chosen to invest in a die-splitter machine have understood that the company can be made safe by also creating a consequent economic saving so that the measures go hand in hand. 

Wherever this happened, the manager was praised by his colleagues who made the tool handling job safer and easier and by the management that experienced the decrease in time that was lost.

I summarize the main advantages for using our die-splitter machine:


  1. greater safety for the operator
  2. greater safety for the tool
  3. reduction of maintenance times
  4. devices such as presses, trucks and overhead cranes are free for other operations
  5. improved company’s efficiency


Do you have any questions or would you like to learn more about how much savings this machine could generate in your company? Follow the link and calculate your savings by yourself https://universal1972.com/en/calculate-your-saving/

If, on the other hand, you are already convinced that the machine can be useful to you, contact me. We can fix a call to understand what is the best solution to maximize the savings and improve the job process.

Write me an email at sales@universal1972.com or call me at 3487005861


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